11 March 2013

Mothers Day lovelyness

Hello there 

Happy Monday everyone

So were we all spoilt...... Spending the day with little ones and mummies???? I had the very best weekend. We got to do some planting, I also got loads of handmade goodies from my boys.

 Finn sowed the cyan peppers... I love to make chilli!!

Frazer sowed the parsley..... 

Look at the concentration!!!

All very precise!!

Look at my wee boys aren't they jut too cute!!!

I love this one..... Frazer chose mummy, Finn & Frazer's fave colours!!

This is getting kept in the ever growing memory suitcaase bag!!!

Finn even coloured in my best mummy pic just right, brown hair and a purple dress!!!

Me and the boys even go out for a wee meal too

So to round up, I had the best day ever!!!! The boys were as good as gold. And I was proud to be a mummy. My wee dotes :) xx


Thought I'd give you a peek of my chilli..... Would anyone like a recipe?!?!?!!? It's a regular for dinner party guests!


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