3 March 2013

Ripping out & Fancy a wee chat?!?!!?

Good morning peeps

It's looking like a dreary Sunday here in Derry, The sky is looking very grey!

Please ignore my dirty window!! That is something else I never managed yesterday ;) But you get the jist of it..... This is grey, you know what that means???? A day for sewing, OH YEAH!!

So last night I got the seams ripped out of this dress, so I am a go go on this project. It is now in the Que.... This was totally a sofa craft for last night, I knew I had curtains to make but after all my cleaning and sorting out the boys, I just wanted to do something easy!!! 

So today I shall be getting the curtains done, or started at least.....

We'll see how long the Lego and Sunday TV gives me!!!!

Look at the concentration..... Who said boys can't multitask!!!!


So regular readers might notice a change in the right hand column.... I have added a chat box, What do you think?? All very interactive, so now if you have a quick question, a suggestion or even just want to say Hi.... There's a wee box for that!!! Now peeps don't leave me hanging, I have left a wee hello up there..... We Scottish just love to talk!!!


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