26 February 2013

A little wandering.... On the Peace Bridge.

Hello there... How is everyone??

I had the best day yesterday... I had lots of lovely comments on my how to mend a rip or tear tutorial, I had a productive dentist appointment. I now have a temporary filling with hints of a root canal on my next visit..... I hear you "WHY IS THAT GOOD" Well the good news is I have now put in motion my 2 front teeth getting crowns. I have a tongue piercing which is reeking havoc on my pearly whites!!! That and the fact that I grind my teeth like on other when I sleep!!!


Anyways..... Yesterday was another lovely crisp sunny day. Me and Frazer managed a wander over the Derry Peace Bridge, It has fantastic views over the River Foyle.

I can't wait for more of these days...


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