25 February 2013

Featured WHERE?!? And strange Derry Skies

Hello there peeps, How is everyone's Monday going??

I had a great weekend, the boys had a party in a park with a little sunshine. They were ready for their bed, nothing like wearing them out with a bit of fresh air!


On Saturday I woke up to my tutorial being featured on Totally Tutorials..... And to top it off, Today I woke up the same tutorial being featured on Craft Gossip!!! Can you feel my smile...... I certainly can!!!

I am a very happy camper.


So on to today...... 

I have a dentist appointment at 10.45, I am not looking forward to it. But in reality who likes the dentist!! I have to get a filling repaired, I have a feeling it might turn into a "We might have to rip this out Miss Anderson"  Fingers crossed it all gets done today, or I might just loos my bottle!!!


I had a head scratching moment this morning.......

I seen this in the sky?!?!?!?!? It is not a plane, it started from the ground...... And it was going to fast, also the trail left was too thick!!!

OK so I might seem a little crazy.... BUT really what is it?!?!?!!?!


 I'm off to read some newly found yummy blogs!!

Have a fabby Monday and I'll see y'all soon



  1. Replies
    1. Maybe. It's not made the news so, I think it's nothing really..... Was just so weird, never seen it before!


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