5 February 2013

Sewing~room revamp!

Hello there peeps..

Again with the MIA!!

I have been studying for my Accountancy & bookkeeping Level 1 exam. It's all very hectic and to be honest surprising. I managed to get a 97.8% I am so happy the hard work is paying off. I'll be sitting the REAL EXAM on Thursday, so 2 days of revision to keep all the information in!!

Then it's a week off


After that I shall be sewing, first off I shall be finishing all the WIP so I have a new slate...

And talking of new slates


My sewing~room is sorted, I have a floor and everything!!! As luck would have it, my camera ran out of battery just after this picture. Oh well it just means I can do another post later on :)

Anyways, it's wind down time for the boys and I should be doing the dishes!

Till the next post.


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