4 February 2011

Photo magic Day #3

Day #3
Then and now
I'm very tired so this will be short but sweet!!!

Frazer newborn Finn 16months, look at his wee cheeks!!

We were to capture our loved ones today and to show the change time has made... The change here is my boys are growing up oh so quick!!! Also we were to play with cropping!! I'm glad no quality was lost.

The TV go all the attention tonight... The above photos were taken with the candle light setting, I reckon they turned out good!!

And this shot well I'm not to sure what the setting was but it looks like I done work on it.... I didn't though.... I have enjoyed the last 3 days, it has made me investigate my camera and there are lots of options in the scenes menu, that I never knew existed!!

Well roll on tomorrow huh!! I have lots planed before the wind comes back!

I'm off for a cuppa and some true blood!!


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