12 February 2011

So what do you think?

So I have been playing with my sewing machine, I have to say I have only just found my mojo. I have been crocheting away this year, but my Adam has be snuggled away in his sewing cabinet, hoping to get a see some daylight.

I have been inspired into sewing again, by a small group of young mums.... Young mums you say, well it turns out Surestart, wanted me to come in and do a short course on the basics of sewing, with the group girls once a week. They will provide the child care for my boys and it is a voluntary placement, I am so happy to be involved in something so positive, the centre itself is fantastic and is a wealth of information and support if you are a parent with young kids under 4......

Now back to my Adam huh!!! I have dusted off his cobwebs of last year (not really but it has been 6 weeks since I looked at him!) And played with the stitches for granny matties scarf...... Do you have a fave stitch??? I have narrowed it down to 4!!!

From top to bottom I like number 3 & 9.....

And on this one I like 8 & 9.....
What ones do you like???

On another note, I have crossed 2 more things of the WIP list the above skirt and fab thrifted dress....

I might wear the dress tonight, as I'm heading for a rare night out. We are going to the CHAOS FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS.... It's a early birthday present for Mr Phew.... He's known we're going out for about 5 weeks, and hates surprises but I have managed it..... So he doesn't know where we are going, or the best bit, that I have managed to get 2 of his brothers to come too!!! I have booked a table for a us all too at The Gaslight Grill the food here is to die for and is cooked in a open kitchen, I like to see what the chefs are up to gives you more confidence in a kitchen.

Here's to everyone having a fantastic weekend


  1. I like line 3 from the first photo.

  2. I would have to agree with your choices! Though I like the herringbone one too.

    You named your machine Adam? How cool. I might name mine Denzel or something so I enjoy sewing even more! :D


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