26 January 2011

Creative space #3

So another week has passed how did that happen? I feel like it has flown by.... But I do nearly have a sewing-room back after a rather brutal few days of order making! I hope to have it all done soon.

So Creatively I have been marching on with Finn's blanket, the main blanket is done.... Just the border to do now.

I have started it but I need a Yay or Nay from you guys.... Is it OK?
I personally think that the top, where I have done a double crochet x2 in each space (granny square-ish) Is causing it to have a slight kink/wave in the long sides of the border... Should I do a double crochet and a chain instead? Am I making sense? I hope so! Ah help! I am looking forward to getting on with the reverse single crochet!

I have to say the sides of the blanket looks just fine, and all that is, is the double crochet can you see the difference? I really wanted to get this done this week I reckon it is do-able. Do you lovely crochet readers have any suggestions? I really would love to hear them. I am longing to start another unfinished project!

Talking of unfinished Projects here's the list

* My Granny Mattie's Scarf (I have found the linen for it now)
* My Lady gray Jacket Gertie's sew-along (Mock up done)
* The boys bunting for the play house (Just to apply tape)
* My Grandad's quilt (To be bound)
* My gray dress (Zipper to do)
* Mends include replacing a waist band, belt loops, side seam in skirt
* Mends cont... Leather jacket, jumper sleeve
* Bag set Kelly's tutorial
* Crayon Rolls (buttons)
* My Crardi (knitting)
* My quilt
* My taggys
* Mum's tartan dress.

So there we are a honest list WOW that's a wee bit longer than I thought!!!

Oh well After all that I hope you've not forgotten any helpful crochet tips for Finn's blanket!!!

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PS have you seen Kirsty's "noticing" posts.... very lovely indeed.



  1. The blanket looks fantastic!

  2. Love your unfinished list - I always have similar ones!
    With the blanket, it's always a bit hard working into the row ends. I do think the rippling edge is from doing 2 dc in each space. I'd try doing just one dc, and see how that looks. Do it for 30 cm or so and see how it lies - that's not hard to pull out if you need to. If you don't like it, try the one dc and one chain. I always have to experiment a bit in this regard. But it's looking great!

  3. Finn's crochet blanket looks beautiful.....he's going to love it!

    P.S. Happy birthday Finn.....love your curls.

  4. The blanket is gorgeous - looks like a lot of work. I won't try and give you any advice on your border as I'm a crochet newbie and wouldn't even contemplate making something so big! I'm sure Finn's going to love it when it's finished.

  5. fantastic blanket! I have been thinking about trying one like this.

  6. That is an amazing blanket!

  7. Lovely colors! I agree with thornberry, try one dc and a chain to see if that flattens the edge. Very brave to post a unfinished list-I'd be scared to see how many I would have!! Lots of luck with the blanket!


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