19 January 2011

Creative space #2

Kirsty's back so happy!!
She was never away but now
Is back

This week, I am still marching on with Finn's blanket, I am so so looking forward to getting this one finished!! It has been a long project, with many a long break taken!! Finn was 3 years old in August, and now understands that the blanket will be his when i'm done. I can't wait for the boys to be more involved in what I make them.

Any of you talented people got any ideas on a border for this lovely blanket??
I would love some inspiration for the ending of this project!!
Do you have any links???
I'm always looking for new peep's on ravelry!!

check out more crafty peeps over at

The ever talented Kirsty's



  1. i looks like you are on the home stretch with this one. i think for a boy that a plain border would be best maybe just rows of the same colours and the same stitch but it would be going around rather than straight across so would look different to the main blanket. confused? so am i! but i think i know what i mean

  2. I love this blanket! I have an almost finished blanket on the go too, I just need to add a border, I like the one dottie angel used on one of hers recently with little bobbles...

  3. Yeah I reckon I love the bobbles are very cute, and now I defo get you midge!! this is my first border!! so looking forward to it, all i have done in the past is granny squares!!

  4. i love the colours in your blanket! i've always wanted to make one but i just don't have the patience! haha

  5. It looks great - Love the colour. I am mumsbusycrafting on Rav - I would love another friend:)

  6. Looking great! I love the blues and hreys. Lucky boy.

  7. It's going to be a perfect blanket for a little boy. How about a simple reverse single crochet edging?

  8. thanx so much ladies so glad MCS is back :)
    PS Jodie it has taken forever but he will love it!!
    PSS i have added you Kylie nice projects
    PSSS very good to see you again Kate :)
    And last but by no means least Francesca... I have just looked at the reverse SC it looks like a winner might do a border going around then go for that..
    thanx again for all the kind words!! :)

  9. This looks like a true labour of love, they will love it! Www.flyandnest.blogspot.com

  10. it's looking amazing! I"m so impressed.


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