8 January 2011

Celebrations and vintage bags

So me and Mr Phew went for our Celebration dinner, it really was lovely, yummy food, no kids and no dishes.... I even managed to get a couple of vodkas in there too! It's just so nice to get a minute or a couple of hours like that, sometimes it's just all kids, also you always say we must go for a meal some time......when someone else buys the voucher (Pauline my friend gave it to us in a card) you have to use it!

So after our yummy meal we went to a wee bar,
check out the patch work seating cool huh!!

I was so pleased we got a little time to ourselves, but I also walked with a bit more of a spring in my step, as I got to take my vintage clutch out for a spin.... I mean look at her huh isn't she a bute!!


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