28 January 2011

Walking again... And crochet update !

Hello there, hows your day going? We ventured out for a wee walk, the first really in the year.... It was bitter cold everything was bare. But there was a glimmer of life....

A robin the first I've seen all winter!
Imagine at the end of January... It's only when you stop looking too!
For some reason I always think of my dad when I see a robin. It makes me a person lost in my memories and thoughts of where people go after they have passed.

There was also many a mushroom sprouting...

And Finn very much enjoyed searching for them!

On the crochet front from this post...
I have made some head way, it took 3 hours of fiddling but, I have found the right amount of double crochets and chains to make it flat at the edges wweeee.... I can now get on with finishing the blanket. PS thanx a million for all who gave words of crochet wisdom and took the time to comment :)



  1. Robins always put me in mind of my Grandad, he was a great bird lover. We have a mating pair in our garden, they first appeared 3 years ago when I fell pregnant.. our daughter is called Robyn, for them and my Grandad xx

  2. What a lovely story behind your daughters name... I gave my first born son my dads name but a middle name... they never leave us do they :) xx

  3. lovely pictures of your winter walk. Good to hear your blanket is nearing the end, what a great feeling!


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