11 January 2011

Location, location location.....

Another day of research for me....
Did you see this post well I have got to thinking already!

I have always wanted to get married, on a beach, no shoes, sunshine and my nearest and dearest there to see it all unravel.... Now I have kids and with this comes fear, fear of my wee boys well..... Drowning or being stolen to be honest! Yes this is very EXTREME I know, but my boys are my everything so safety is of the utmost importance, I am aware of the emotions running high, lots of people will be about and just as many things will be going on, and I just want to be happy in knowing I can be ecstatic on our day and know my children are safe. So I have re-think the venue to hold the wedding.....

This lovely white wash church has caused a involuntary sharp intake of breath...
(And eases my fear for the boys they are indoors and easier to maintain)

It is 45 mins From Malaga , in a town called Nerja, in Southern Spain, I have fallen for it, it's so well Spanish... I have heard nothing but good things about the area, the authentic Spanish feel, being the little potted window boxes, the cobbled streets, the cliff edge overlooking the Mediterranean sea, the lovely cafes, tapas bars,(the stunning white wash church of course) The promenade, the beach and well the bridal suite and hotel are said to be beautiful.... As well as a fantastic service and family friendly atmosphere too....

Costa del sol Has fantastic photos, labeled Balcón de Europa
Mari also has a fantastic internal pic too
This link has little videos of my white wash church

In awe

Just stunning

The Balcon De Europe

Hotel with a view huh!

Love it
(I would have to have the boys in their buggy though!)

Sea view

Now this is a promenade

So this is on my LUST list for a location, I'm sure lots of people will be thinking "But why does she want to have it somewhere other than Derry" And I have to say yes I can understand such a question, as Derry is stunning, it's green landscape, our familiarity which induces comfort and last but by no means least, the chapel (St Eugene's) Has a large part to play within the family, but this question can be answered, with just as much ease.....

I have always had a little picture in my head of the floaty dress, sunshine and to be and to be honest the ability to relax enjoy it, and for it to be a little holiday!
(I hear all you already married ladies having a wee snigger "Yeah right Traci")

You see I myself am a only child, and my mother is from a family of 3..... My Mr Phew is a whole different kettle of fish, he is from a family of 5 and his Ma a family of 13.... I am petrified of all the people... Intimidated would be another word, I would feel I was on parade... I know that a wedding has a air of that but, yes there is defiantly a "Oh My God " feeling going on in my tummy! (And not about Mr Phew just to clear any doubt!!)..... I would like to remember everyone, I would like to have a intimate day, with floaty-ness (Being the dress) with sun, with flat shoes and maybe a ankle bracelet....

And what I most certainly WANT,
Is for us to be able to look in to one another eyes,
And it all to be about us,
I don't want it to be about the size of the party,
The expensive dress,
The transport we use
It's not the event that is important
It's fact we've found one another.

Sorry if this has been a heavy post?!?!
I wanted to Log all my thoughts and links on the run up to the day
(which could be June-July 2011-2012)

Hope you don't mind!!!

Does anyone have any tips???
Any Do's & Don'ts????



  1. I can understand the wanting to keep it small. We did just that (almost 44 years ago) by having just our parents, grandparents, my sister and her partner and my husband's brother. At that time there weren't the options for going abroad for the wedding, but it's certainly something we would have done.

    As for hints and tips, all I would say is it's your day, do it the way YOU both want and to heck with whatever anyone else says/thinks/wants.

  2. Thanx so much Sue it means a lot t have you comment... It's so nice to hear, as I'm sure I feel a little selfish with my thoughts of having it abroad as to the expense of others... But then it'll only be people who really want to be there x

  3. Every little girl dreams of her ideal wedding and you should have just what you want. Looking back on mine if I could change anything it would be to have made it more informal and relaxed, it was the proper full 9 yards white wedding with all the pomp and circumstance but quite stressful! Your idea of your special day sounds perfect. One tip is to put one person in charge of your Children, for my wedding it was my Mum, then that way you can relax a bit and know that someone else is running round and herding the kids for you.
    Kandi x

  4. thanx so much Kandi I am thankful for all tips and I reckon I shall go with the one carer for the boys they are probably my biggest stress point at this stage, I'm hoping the abroad bit will thin the crowd out a bit. x

  5. How exciting and wonderful to be planning the special day you'll remember forever! I like Kandi's suggestion of putting one person in charge of the kids, so that you can just be the bride. And I like the wedding abroad idea.

  6. Thanx a million Francesca, so looking forward to getting all my ideas down, and having them all in one place... :) x

  7. This chapel in southern Spain looks absolutely stunning and I can see why you would want to get married there, so romantic. As you say, you and your guests would all be in 'holiday mode' anyway being abroad and that would make it that much more special. I say go with your heart and do want means the most to you as its your day and your partner's as well of course. Good luck with all the preparations! Such an exciting time in your life.

  8. thanx Catherine it is picture perfect i love it :) your blog award link is up now :)


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