10 January 2011

Recent obsession. Alice Lon - Petticoats

Well hello there, how are you all tonight, good Sunday???
I have had a fab Sunday.... I bought a few patterns from a lovely lady over in America... When they arrive I will write up a wee review, as I have found her to be most helpful and very cheap.

So other than the usual, housework & cooking I have been looking in to the....

And in particular the Alice Lon Petticoat

Isn't she just stunning.....

The petticoats she wore that had everyone talking, were not made by Alice but by her very lovely mother, as she explains in this interview. Along with a written tutorial.

But I managed to find this tutorial for the Alice's petticoat and it has pictures, I myself am much better with pics, I'm a visual gal!!

There is another blog post with videos of Alice here...

I found a couple of other tutorials too Sugardale, I have only just found and will catch up with reading her blog on later! Scarlet has a tutorial that looks good but the back ground kills me!

The Lovely Gertie has a video tutorial on her blog, with links to a anthro musing!

Do you know of any good patterns for the lovely Petticoat? I do sometimes wish we were back in the 50's, I mean they had such ace dress sense although the 30's can't be beat for exquisite clutches! OK OK that's for another post

Hope you enjoy reading, as much as I have enjoyed writing and looking out the links to share.



  1. Now there is something to get obsessed over. They are like a sorbet of colours just waiting to be licked. I hope you enjoy your fabulous obession immensely! x

  2. Hi Tracie, I've nominated you for an award over at my blog.



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