30 January 2011

Valintines for him & his mum!!

So weird title huh?!?!?
I would have to say, yes.... But I hope it got your attention....
Men are a nightmare to buy/make for no? I have my mother-in law to think of too... I say have to, I don't but she has no one to buy for her... So I wanted to make her feel like she was remembered, she does everything for everyone. And really is just such a giving person, she deserves more than mothers day I say.... So, what have I found to make her??? Well I have been browsing and have come up with a few links....

Does your mum or mother-in-law drink tea? Mines does and is partial to a peppermint tea this wee tutorial is simple but shows you've taken the time... there's is one too same idea...

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Or how about a fab scrap buster?? I personally L-O-V-E this and might make some purple ones for my room too... My mother in law should really have red bunch!

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And this I love this Colette tutorial... know it's spring here but I love it and it is really easy to summer up!!


And now.....
Drum roll peeps, for the men in our lives....

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Check out this wee BUTE for the man who loves a wee beer/wine!
Yet another simple but effective pressie.

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And these..... Hehehehehe, are great my Mr isn't keen on sweet treats but they are very funny!!

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How about a little spice in the night ;)

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I am loving this lady here is a new find to me and she does what she says on her tin....
The idea room F-A-B

And well this lady.... She is a inspiration to us all I'm sure a maker of things, and I love that not much money was spent and feelings felt aplenty lovely lady.

Well all of this stuff I might or might not make/do BUT, I have pj's to make from a pattern i won over at Kerrie's

Hope you like this post and hope you can get some use out of it!!!

happy Sunday y'all

PS if your blog/site is on here, and you wish it to be removed. Please do contact me straight away and I shall do so, I have added photos with links straight back to you and I hope you do not mind.


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  1. Thank you for linking to my Valentine's ideas! I am new to your blog and I look forward to checking it out...


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