16 October 2010

Day 16---My lining found

Running a little late tonight ......
That has been my calling for the last few days huh!!

I have eventually made a decision on the lining for my dress..... Those who know me will not be surprised, that it shall of course be purple!!! I think it will look brill!!

Also the postman brought me my lavender today, so I can get on with making my lavender hearts.



  1. excellent!
    My coat has purple lining too!
    Apparently in the olden days only Royalty wore purple because the dyes had to come from abroad, thus only the wealthy could afford to have it.
    Its also very this season - but then its always very this season in my eyes!

  2. yeah my love for purple shall never leave me!!!never knew that about royalty!! I love emerald green for lining too!! xx


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