6 October 2010

Day 6.1---Very vintage

I just had to share this, Couldn't wait for Flea market finds!!

Check out my latest pattern..... Isn't she just adorable????
She is a genuine 1944 pattern and in my size!!!!
How could i not buy her!!!!!
Now the unanswered question........
What fabric????
Vintage bed sheet????
Or a a new fabric????
Any suggestions would be welcomed!!!!!



  1. why not both, new and old. different colours for different moods! make sure we get to see it when its made! have fun. x

  2. That is beautiful Traci.
    I can seem something with small florals, and maybe some black with red poker dots.

  3. Very pretty pattern. I wish my waistline was just like that:)

  4. that is a GORGEOUS pattern!
    like bonnie, i highly recommend polka dots ha ha!

  5. GORGEOUS!!! I think I saw one just like this on etsy. I've been looking for awhile for a really nice '40's dress pattern. I've got one coming now, can't wait until it gets here!! I'd go with the vintage sheet first, make sure to fix up any issues the pattern may have, our body shapes are very different from back then I think. Then make up another one. I do agree that polka dots would look very cute, if polka dots are your thing! Have fun with it!


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