13 October 2010

Day 13---Todays creative space!!

We're early this week huh!!!

This weeks creative space is a bit of everything.....

a coat muslin - on the back of the chair there
A Xmas tutorial - up front
A quilt - behind Adam AKA the sewing machine
More crayon rolls - beside the sewing machine

I have to say i am super proud of myself for eventually getting my ass in to gear... see the pin board there above Adam.... I have been meaning to put him there for at least say 2-3 months!!!! I am patting my self on the back right now!!!

And am about to go drink that hot coffee sans the kids in bed :o) Which means this amme AKA mummy can sew!!!

Check out probably less hectic WIP over at the ever lovely Kirsty's



  1. I am impressed, I haven't managed to sew a thing for days!

  2. Wow you've got heaps going on! And you should pat yourself on the back, for all that AND getting that pin board up!

  3. Busy, busy girl.... lucky you've got a cuppa to keep you going :) Keep up the good work. Looks great.


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