4 October 2010

Day 4---Giving mother nature a hand

Good evening all
How has your Monday been????

I went out to check on my tiny veg patch today...... And it has been taken over, well the rocket anyway! To be really honest, if it had been slugs taking over my much loved leaves, then i would have been, just a wee bit miffed BUT it was these furry animals....

I have to say, that i have been searching for butterflies all summer, and no none with the exception of this one.... It was dead lying on the pavement, I remember seeing it and thinking "where are all the butterflies"

Alas i gave the lovely wee caterpillars their chance to become beautiful butterflies ... I had a few dinners out this patio pot, and am very proud as are the boys!! They got to water them.


1 comment:

  1. caterpillars at this time of year!
    Maybe they are moths who heard about your rocket stash and come to eat it in the hope they will be zooming off somewhere warmer!
    I posted about our harvesting today!
    We are very in tune!


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