28 October 2010

Day 28---Halloween begins

Hello there
Me and the boys met up with a friends today and headed out to a So called "party"!!!!! Oh my so glad the boys enjoyed all the free space!!! As it turned out to be a gym hall with no music, decorations or anything much near Halloween-ey!!!

Both the boys were dressed up as spiders!!

Finn is super cute in this pic!!

And Frazer is perfecting his pout.... I think he's coming on well.... He'd give Posh a run for her money!!!!

We have friends coming over tomorrow for lunch and painting, and more Halloween fun planed for over the weekend, can't wait to get the pumpkin done!!


1 comment:

  1. Oh your boys are the cutest, glad they are over their sniffles. I must get cracking and get the haloween stuff out today before Halloween is over!
    Kandi x


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