18 October 2010

Day 18.1---Night-shift crafter!!

Of late i have been questioning my ability to create/sew.....
I know i can sew, I don't mean that... I mean sewing/kids/housework/life!!! I have given up on the latter for a while.... And I'm thinking that I was a bit presumptuous that I would be able to open a shop now...

That being said, I feel I have to try a bit of night-shift sewing to see if, it is in fact possible to juggle the above!!!

Wish me luck!!!!



  1. Take it easy hun! The kids get sick, you get of schedule!
    You have lost out on loads of sleep too, don't work too hard or you will get burn out!
    Slowly slowly catchy monkey innit!

  2. Don't forget to take a little time and enjoy the outdoors! A nice little walk is a great way to recharge your batteries.


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