1 October 2010

Day 2---Fabric & Fire

So day # 2....

Firstly today has been a little easier because of......

The blessed Calpol.....
My wee boys are under the weather, it's the time of year for it, they both have terrible head colds. And poor wee Frazer is cutting teeth...... Fingers crossed It's over them soon.

On a happier note, I've been collecting up all my Xmas ribbon for my upcoming tutorial!!! Turns out I have quite the stash!!!!

I have managed to sort out a bit of my cotton stash today.... This is a-lot neater that 8 paper bags!!

I also got a little light today, so was able to get a couple of good pics for
my wee shop!!

Now I'm relaxing in front of my fire, blogging and drinking tea..... Hoping my wee guys get a good nights kip..



  1. Hope they feel better soon, it is hard to see the little ones ill.

  2. lovely stash, poor wee boys, poor wee mamma!
    Your fire looks cosy, we haven't put ours on yet as we need to put a new flu in, and its our main source of heat downstairs too!

  3. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog giveaway. I hope your kids feel better soon.. and... that you do not catch it!


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