3 October 2010

Day 3---Decision making!

Well hello there peeps, today has been fun.
I have come up with some new decorations. Which are all in the making!!

I love these so simple...

Had to give you another peek at my upcoming tutorial.... which is running late but not long now though.

Thanx for the well wishes for the boys. Finn still isn't great, he was felling pretty bad earlier... I hope it's just a wee bug and passes tomorrow. Feel a little helpless poor wee mite fingers crossed huh!



  1. Can't wait to see what is happening with the yo-yos!
    I'm amazed that you get time with sick littlies in the house. Hope they are back to their bouncy kiddy selves soon.

  2. I love those birdies!
    I want one, are they going in your shop?
    Can I buy one please, actually, maybe 2?

  3. i will be selling them in the shop yes!! it's so close now a wee bit excited!!!


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