5 October 2010

Day 5---Brilliant Bonnie

So today i came home to a lovely wee parcel, from the Bonnie.....
I mentioned a while ago that i would love to do a swap with her, I wanted a purple wallet and i would make her something of her choice....
(Leave your answer in the comments below Bonnie!)

So here she is my lovely new wallet....

Isn't she a bute!!!

I am sew happy with it... see what i done there ;o) !!!!!!!
This has now been given the job of holding my my crafty pennies



  1. lol! I am so showbiz today!
    I am glad you liked it, but you don't need to do me anything, I got lucky cat fabric remember?
    Just reserve me a couple of those birdie ornaments when your shop opens please!

  2. Oh it's beautiful, I must make one for myself my purse is on its very last legs. The fabric is beautiful!
    Kandi x


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