30 October 2010

Day 29-30---Network failure & Pumpkins

Hello there, so I missed yesterday post as BT's network had a failure and only came on today.... Unimpressed yes but hey... S**t happens!!!
So tonight ......

Me and the boys have been pumpkin making, for our Halloween celebrations.....

We made all our Decorations earlier from print-outs, I used teddy bear stuffing for cobwebs... The cup was only 30p from a thrifting adventure!!

Our door is fairly welcoming if I do say so myself!!

Our pumpkins are done.... Well one to do but the night is getting on and I'm shattered!!

Nite Nite


PS do you have a fave pumpkin????


  1. I think I am a bit rubbish as we haven't done anything for Halloween.
    I don't really celebrate it like other folk, to me its more of a thanks giving for a good harvest and a disease free year on the land, so maybe a bit pagan with a dash of wiccan, but not hippy!
    Bah! I don't think I am selling this!

  2. I love the picture of the boys carving their pumpkins, and the one of them all lit up is great.


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