9 October 2010

Day 9.2---Flea market finds

So i managed to get out for a couple of hours sans the boys.. This is ever so rare, I was actually able too look about the op-shops.... even try a few things on imagine!

Firstly i got 2 pairs of new trousers both with tags still on.... Thank got i think after the 20th pair i was about to give up! But i am a firm believer when you find a make you stick to it... This is not such a option with the challenge of a utmost kind!!! So was more of a challenge than usual.... Yes another but... I now love trousers i have found, because they were a bugger to find..... aahhhh appreciation huh!!

I got a new jacket... for the winter, such a fab colour being I wear denim all the time!

And a new jumper, not that i need any more jumpers... to say i have too many is a understatement.

And lastly my affections for doilies has not died..... I think this has something to do with the lovely Tif over at dottie angel... Talking of Tif & crochet If you have time she's doing a book week, loving that one of her kids knows her well enough to buy this book.....

So all in all I reckon my rummaging has served me well today i went out to get new clothes.... And actually got some...

I am a happy person.... Even if I am very snotty!!

I found a fab pattern on the internet the other day, please do check it out

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  1. Very cute coat, hope your sniffles go soon

  2. great finds, I love collecting doilies too!

  3. I am the same for doilies I love em. Great finds, that coast is beautiful! Hope you are soon rid of this awful cold, lots of people I know have it, my turn soon I think :(
    Kandi x


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