24 February 2011

Fixing this & fixing that!!

I have been a little snowed under of late now by any Actual snow... Just life and laundry as ever!!! You know Ironing, Bed changing...... Blah blah!

I have hosted another sewing class for the young mums aged from 16yrs-19yrs, and there was a extra girl this week, and they seemed more interested this week, the buntings have been cut, appliqued and are now pinned ready for the sewing. The girls are looking forward to next week as am I! They defo inspire me.

On another front, the boys have found a few new hobbies, Thomas The Tank Engine seems to be waning a little. It's all fire trucks, cars, trucks & buses for now! Wee Frazer has caught a tummy bug and is a little green around the gills, I feel for my him he catches everything going, Fingers crossed it passes very soon.

I have been fixing away at things too, my boys seem to be finding "fun" things to do when I'm not looking AKA aaaahhhhh in mummies world!!!!! But hey boys will be boys and I wouldn't have them any other way!!!

Before, Urban decay soft eyeliner....

And after lots of elbow grease

The fish are so much happier now!!!

On another note..... My hairdresser was round and gave me a trim and a long layer, straightened it too. I love my hair like this sometimes, a change is as good as a holiday!



  1. Oh the joy of small boys - am sure the fish loved their play with the trucks.

    The hair looks very glam :)

  2. The fish tank picture...priceless! Gave me a good chuckle. Cute hair too!

  3. Haha! I hove how you took pictures of Before and After! It's so satisfying to see 'After' pictures since you took care of them so well!
    And your haircut looks great!


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