14 February 2012

A new walk.... With horses!!

Hello there sorry had a little blip in the old posting there.... Life takes over alot!!!

We are on mid term break for a week so Busy busy I shall be this week... With all the baking and painting that will be going on!!! Gotta love a bit of controlled mess!!!

Anyways my new walk, I descovered when out with my friend the other day. It is so lovely I will be making the extra effort to get there... It reminds me of another friend Andy.... She has horses and loves to walk!! I will have to take her there when she's next over!!!

Is'nt it just lovely.... This is a place I feel I can breathe.

I just love it a great find...

It is the grounds of this hotel too so if you fancy a visit to Derry Northern Ireland!!

The Beech Hill Hotel Derry


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