24 February 2012

So how was you day today.... I have been out and about, I managed to get some aran wool in Frazer's fave colour GREEN.... And for only £3.50! I plan on making him some crochet boots. There is so many patterns out there, but I'm toying with the idea of trying to make up my own pattern, Then maybe I can sell them. They make good slippers for wooden floors. I'm sure they would sell.

I also bought stupidly high boots today, And have been "braking them in" all day! I shall have to show you them later on. I have no photos of todays escipades but will get them up tomorrow!

Did you see may Ravelry post on the Crochet Along?? Anyways the vote has been going on I'm hoping the sidewalk shall gets through! I really want to give it a bash!!

Finn has been playing with the camera again.... Thought I'd post a headless me!!! I have got used to him running around with the camera now... As Cal said the other day, it's amazing the angles the boys get.

Well i'm away off to get some more washing done, and most likely some crochet blanket too!!! I'm still working on Attic24 Hexagaon how to, Once again I shall have photos up tomorrow!!!



  1. Another good one! I have several headless photos too, and some of them are actually quite good!

    1. Ah and there you are!!! you cane in to mind when I was posting!!! I don't mind this one it's the top that does it!!


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