5 September 2012

My boys first day at P1 and Nursery!!

Hello there peeps...
So it's been a while, SORRY!
BUT what better way to come back than my boy's both started school. Frazer had his first day of nursery today & Finn is in primary 1..

Look at them...
I really do love them to bits, they are so affectionate.


After school we went to the Railway museum, the boys love it... They get to play driver, have a run about and generally have lots of fun.

I had to take a pic of this... I mean look it says Finn! It was on one of the luggage boxes..

This is such a cool piece of memorabilia.. I really enjoy going to the railway museum I always find it to be inspirational, my creative juices are flowing~ Hence the blog post no doubt!!
Well that's my first post under me... I have lot's of crochet/ sewing projects & new sewing books to tell you all about. So till the next post (coming soon.. very soon)!


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    1. The boys love this place.. We go as much as possible over the summer, it closes over the winter time :)x


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