9 September 2012

Abakhan Fabrics NEW DELIVERY LOCATIONS! & And a little crochet

Hello there peeps
So how is everybodys Sunday going??
I have spent the day catching up on my blogs and doing a little crochet..
Today I wanted to share 2 things... My Beaded Cobweb Wrap (Which I shall share in a mo) And the fact that my fave fabric shop now delivering to new locations.. Those of you who read away at my blog, know I love Abakhan Fabrics. They have such a great range of products, there's fabric, wool, patterns, haberdashery and at a fantastic price. Talking about great prices there is a 15% sale on all nylon lace at the min, 50% off Simplicity Sewing patterns and also 15% off all Arran too (there's a great range of colour)!!

Abakhan Fabrics new delivery locations means all of us from say Northern/Southern Ireland can now get our stash delivered straight to our door.. Not only there but to the Isle Of Man, Channel Islands & Mainland UK of course! I reckon this is well worth a peek, remember to check out the clearance section and the bargain bundles!! They are both my go to as soon as I am on the site!!

Now on to my crochet... I have been plowing away making a Cobweb wrap, I am making it for the boys granny. Her birthday is looming ever closer! It's a very simple pattern I found it in a Essential Crochet. I am using Debbie Bliss Party Angel, it's expensive @ £7.95 a ball and I am on ball 4, and need 2 more.. But I am all about the sentiment not the price, plus granny will defo like it! I have 8 days to finish it... It's a very easy pattern BUT very time consuming, I am enjoying it but am looking forward to moving on!!
I think this will be my next project it's from the same book, it's called A Satin Lingerie Case.. It is so sweet, I love it. I think it would be a present for me! it's all done on a 1.25/1.75mm needle so yet another labour of love!
I hpoe everyone is having a relaxing Sunday

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