8 December 2010

2010 Advent Blog~a~long #4

Today has been a very successful day, we ventured out (in a taxi) to my local shopping center, I managed to pic up some tubs, for a boxing day chutney & a cranberry sauce I will be making tomorrow. I reckon, that they are going to be a fab extra gift for all my friends this year. I'll see how they go down and I might do a chutney every year! Handmade stockings and chutney for everyone I say!!

Before we headed out I got the boys wrapped up and had a bit of fun in the snow, and some drain sorting, as they were very blocked.... Check out all that ice!!

Also I got the opportunity to have a quick photography moment... I love the pictures I got they look ace!

All-in-all I very much enjoyed my day of prep-ing, playing & relaxing... And find it very Happifiying that all 3 can be done in the same day.

Hope you all had fab days



  1. Brilliant photos :)

    Don't the boys look cute all wrapped up and with snow up to their knees, would make a great pic for a family christmas card.

  2. Your kids look so cute all wrapped up!


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