7 December 2010

2010 Advent Blog~a~long #3

So it was another day filled with the white stuff, and is still as I type this post falling!

My street got a visit from the snow plow today and even got a bit of grit!
I have to say I was super excited, as I was able to get down to the shops!
I wasn't lying about needing the bread and milk yesterday.... It was quite a hike back up and the drivers were a mixed bag, some were very nice others were just plain rude. I mean I was pushing a double buggy, let me tell you it ain't a easy task in this weather!

Before we headed out, I got the boys to work on the Christmas cards...
I love letting them get all arty, think I might keep one for my memory box.
Very chuffed with them... and what little mess they made!!

how are your preps going ??


1 comment:

  1. When it snows, we also get stuck at home. It happens two or three times a year, sometimes for several days: you'd think we'd have learned to stock up our pantry in winter time. But we haven't!


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