18 December 2010

Be thankful for all you have... And hold it tight.

Where do I begin,
Frazer my youngest, has been iffy for the last few days, I thought he was just teething. But then he developed a terrible temperature... I dosed him up with calpol. But my wee was still very uncomfortable, I called the out of hours doctors, but could only give me a appointment for 2am, by then Finn my oldest, was asleep and Frazer was doing a little better, I felt I could wait till the next day to see how he was then.....

So after a rather tearful morning for my wee guy, I called the doctor and got a emergency appointment and managed to get one for early that afternoon.... The doctor took us in early as Frazer was very upset by this point, and I had chose to wait in the hall as to not annoy anyone in the waiting room. Our doctor done all the usual checks ears, nose throat and chest... But nothing came up to cause concern, the doctor looked as puzzled as me, I thought we would get up there, and get a anti-biotic and come home.

He proceeded to tell me that, Frazer was worryingly upset and that he felt I should go to the hospital.... He called a ambulance, and started to look for a rash checking his heart rate regularly and his temperature which went from 39-34-39 within 15 mins. I was asked to find someone to look after Finn whilst we were at the hospital. The doctor made me aware that with Meningitis, the rash could be one of the last symptoms.... I was having palpitations by this time as I was terrified I was going to loose my wee boy.

The ambulance arrived in no time, and with the atrocious weather we are having I never managed to get a sitter for Finn. Frazer passed out in the ambulance... We were then led to the childrens ward and quickly seen, I had to have Finn taken at this point, as he was becoming scared as Frazer had been roused, we were preparing to take his bloods & blood pressure. If you have ever had the misfortune of having to take your baby (Frazer is only 23months old) blood for tests, it really is one of the most horrific things to do, as he is scared, screaming, wondering what is going on and gripping on to you for dear life... We managed to get blood from the second location, which is very good and they gave him a anti-biotic intravenously at this point too. I was then given a room, for me and the boys to go too with a cot a bed and lots of toys.

I feel that someone must have been looking down on me and gave up a helping hand... I was terrified, as I thought I was going to lose my wee boy, I have never been as scared as i was waiting for the results. They all came back negative as well as the urine tests. It turns out that Frazer had a acute viral infection which induced the the temperature and the extreme pain he was going through, as it caused his skin to be and any physical contact to be near excruciating....

I have never felt so lucky, because he doesn't have meningitis and he is on the mend now and with the help of the doctors, the hospital staff and the ambulance men who arrived in fantastic time(due to the weather conditions I was surprised) They were able to diagnose him and ensure he was OK. Also you know who your friends are, My friend Pauline has a 4x4 she came and picked us up from the hospital, I have never been so pleased to see a friendly face, I broke down on her as soon as I seen her at the door. Pauline took us all to her home for a cuppa and a shoulder to cry on, she also made us all something to eat then gave me a glass of wine to calm my nerves. Her actions will never be forgotten, a real friend.

So like the title says

Also for your information....
Meningitis UK

This is a fantastic site which all mothers should see, Knowledge is the key ladies... It's not just a rash you have to look out for... And even though Frazer dose not have Meningitis the acute viral infection meant Frazer had 7 of the symptoms.

Sorry for the heavy post, but I think it's my way of processing the last couple of days. To say they have been emotionally straining is very much a understatement.



  1. OMG how scary for you & the boys. Glad he is ok now :)

    Have done the emergency dash with one of mine when he was small - very very scary.

  2. I completely understand! My son is the around your Frazer's age. We've been to the hospital 3 times for severe asthma attacks. They are absolutely terrifying. I think more so because I can't make it better. I'm very happy to hear that it was viral and it was caught in time. And I'm MORE than happy that he doesn't have meningitis. I remember my brother having that when we were kids. It was very scary! *HUGS*

  3. scary scary scary!!!! im glad all is going to be ok! my friend has found out about 6 mths ago her son (3yrs) only has around 2 years to live, its heart breaking and it makes me appreciate every moment with my babies..

  4. What a frightening event for all. Glad that he turned out fine in the end.

  5. well I have palpitations just reading this, can't imagine how you must have felt. So glad to hear your wee man is on the mend and so glad that you have such a great friend.

  6. I know how terrifying it can be when the little ones are ill, especially when they cannot yet tell you exactly what is wrong! Sorry to hear you went through this, and hope Frazer gets better soon!

  7. OMG what a horrible experience for you all. I am so glad that it was not meningitis and hope he recovers quickly now. I should think you feel you've just been given the best Christmas present ever?

  8. Sorry Traci I didn't read this sooner. I'm so glad it all went well, and that was nothing more than a nasty virus attacking a little boy. I know how scary and traumatic it must have been for you. Hugs.

  9. Oh Traci! I only just read this now, how absolutely terrifying for you and your boys, and just before Christmas too! I'm hoping Frazer is much better now and you all managed to have a great Christmas.

    Thinking of you
    Selina xx


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