14 June 2012

I'm back & Finn's winning!!

Hello there, 
So it's been a few days since my last post... I now have a working computer, I am oh so happy! Everything seems to be back in place for me to get on with my crafty happiness.... Well I say that I still haven't  managed to gain a sewing room but, it's a work in progress!! I shall be getting the sewing room in order before I let myself get caught up in any other activities... Such as sewing or blogging.... Too much!! LOL

As for Finn's winning - We had out first ever sports day over at chez Traci.. I am such a proud mummy!! He did so well, a little too excitable for my liking, but to be honest it does mean he's like that all the time not just at home!!  There were bike rides, egg & spoon races, racing games and bunny hopping games.. What a wee star he was... Like I say super proud.

I hope your all keeping well... I shall be doing a wee write up in my next post let me know what you think!!!

Happy Thursday to y'all


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