6 June 2012

They say it comes in 3's

Hey there peeps...

I have been missing in action again... They say it comes in 3's

1- My camera broke..
2- my sewing machine died..
3 My laptop is unhappy~ the kids spilt a glass of water on it

All in all things are at a stand still...

I still have hope for my laptop... I have to back everything up, and go for a full recovery then see what happens. I have managed to pick up a second hand 14mp camera for £35! So thats a plus and last but not least a dear long distance friend is sending me her spare sewing machine!!!!

I shall not be out of action for long!

And when I do get back I can regail you over my adventures of moving house... And attempting to downsize the sewingroom!! LOL It's no easy task for a fabric and notion hoarder!!!

Hope everyone is keeping well

Does anyone have any happifiying words of wisdom?!?!?!?

I'd love to see them in the comments!!

Take care



  1. That is a serious spate of bad luck!

  2. this too shall come to pass :) hang in there :)

    1. Thanx Bijou, it has now passed :D Glad it never took too long!!!

  3. Not sure I have any words of wisdom, but I feel for you. Hope things are looking a bit better now - its a few days since your post. :-)

    1. Thanx Ruth... It has now passed thank god!! was looking a little hectic there!!! :D x


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