20 May 2012

My current reads... And my new home find!

Hiya AGAIN!!!!
I told you I was on a roll, third post today huh!!

I took back my library books... With not to many late charges! I photocopied some of the projects for my to make folder which is now bursting I might add... I so can't wait to get my sewing room back up and running! I have found a new house so will be moving in the next 2 weeks!!! But that's for another post! Keep on track Traci!!

So on to the new books on loan...

I LOVE this look it's a mixed bag of sewing, knitting, baking, gardening and so much more, this is going on my wish list!


This book is filled with all the patterns required to make the 50 animals of all shapes and sizes.. I shall be photocopying a couple to try out.

There are a couple of projects in here I like, the instructions seem easy enough.

I'm not fussed on this book, I love a book with way more visual aids!

OOHHhhh I lurve this book.. This will be on the book shelve in no time! There is a knotting/crochet bag I have to make!!

Well that's my current books... I'm off to the photocopier to get that to do folder bursting a little more!!

What are your reads... Firm faves Do share in the comments I always like a good recommendations!



  1. those are all fun books! i cant wait to see one your fabric animals in case u wanna try one ;) have fun!

  2. Thanx, I do love one of them but... it's in the ever growing to do list!! It will turn up on the blog but not for a while!!! x


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