12 May 2012

Manchester Part 2

Hello there, I may seem MIA but I am sewing away... And catching up on the never ending washing I have in my life!!

I thought I would take a quick break and have a wee ramble!!
I have been pretty slack on the photo taking whilst in Manchester, don't know why I'm normally clicking away!! Anyways here's a couple I thought I'd share...

Finn enjoying a stringy cheese and ham toastie!!

There's very little space for kids over in Manchester city centre, that being said there is a massive green patch that the boys love playing cars in. If you look real close you might just see then looking teeny tiny!!

I couldn't resist this photo opportunity.. Talk about not travelling light!!! 

You can tell your back in Ireland when you have all this greenery and animals around!!! What a sunset it was to come home too!

Hope your all having a great Saturday.


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