6 May 2012

Flea Market Finds #1 2012

Hello there AGAIN!!!
I seem to be on a blogging hat-trick!!
I seen Flea Market Finds in my blog roll there, I was a avid poster on this front... I think it's time I got back on to it! Today is not so much quantity but more quality, I am forever on the hunt for vintage fabric. Yesterday on my wander, I found a stall that was full of handmade loveliness... & lovely little parcels of vintage pillow slips! I tried not to get to excited, but I could see the stall lady had a look of "yes I know aren't they fab"  AAAHHhhh the look of kindred spirits in the craft world... You may not know the person but know you could talk forever about crafty goodness!

Anyways on to the pillow slips....

The pictures don't do them any favours...

It's a little over cast.... The white pillow slip is so white, even in it's vintage stage! This is gonna go in to the box for a lovely vintage quilt, it will live on my rocking chair!

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  1. they are delicately lovely :) i love the white one :) i am a frustrated seamstress and i just admire people who can create something so beautiful with just a needle and a thread! well, sometimes a sewing machine :) i am your newest follower and i am just giddy reading your blog :) enjoy ur week ahead!

    1. Welcome to my wee space in blogland!!! Thanx for the lovely comment! I'm all smiles :)) I hope you enjoy my posts ahead! have a fab week too. x

  2. They're both lovely :) I could see myself upcycling the white one into a baby romper! Just gorgeous.

    1. I love to upcycle... And these patterns are like glod dust to me!!! can't wait to get enough coordinating fabrics to make a lovely quilt! thanx for stopping by :)


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