22 April 2011

Bad blogger yes I am... Oh & food food food!!!

So I have been a bad blogger of late... Yes I have.

Life has been a roller coaster at here at chez Traci, but that is for another post. Today is all about food glorious food, I recently bought Lorraine Pascale's recipe book....


And I have to agree with her time... Yeah the bread takes a-lot of kneading, but hey if it's worth doing s worth doing well I say.

The good thing about this book is it's not all cakes which you find with lots of baking books this has cakes, breads, pies, and I have only made a few things... I have to say if you like cooking this book is a good book to have on the shelve.... Just want to say also this is not a sponsored post just little old me saying it's a good book!! This book is in fact recommended by pastry schools!

Here is the focaccia bread..

The dinner table of glam mac & cheese....

The close up of the mac & cheese...

Chicken & thyme short crust pie...

Served with stuffed mushrooms

And now the addiction to baking continues with this Fougasse... AKA Chorizo and thyme bread! it is just coming out of the oven so I think I shall be off now!!

I have lots of photos to upload so shall be back tonight or tomorrow


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  1. Wow what a domestic goddess! I never get time to make anything from scratch at the moment, and even if i did i'm sure they wouldn't look as yummy as those...


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