31 March 2011

Gardening has commenced!

Hello there peeps
I have to say it feels like forever since I last wrote, I had lost my blogging mojo.... But it appears I have found it again!! I am oh so glad to I do love a good old blah blah blah to myself!

We have been buying and planting seeds for the coming summer.... When it decides it's coming that is! There have been a few nice days, I am looking forward to a few more though!

Me and the boys got out strawberries planted along with our herbs (the basil didn't last long the birds ate it the buggers!) We also have garlic and last but not least our peppers and tomatoes are beginning to sprout too. I fell like I have been missing out on all the gardening fun, for all this time.... That being said the boys very much enjoy watering so it might just have come at the very right time!

My friend also gave me a over grown pot of Aloe vera and I managed to get 13 plants out of it! I can't believe that there were so many in one pot! I hope they thrive in their new pots!! They would make lovely wee gifts for Easter with a poem too. Pauline also gave me a few cuttings from her money tree... I hope they sprout too!

I shall keep you posted on my green fingered escapades!!

A granny update.... My Granny Mattie seems OK ,I have been calling nearly everyday, just to say hi. Thanx for all your lovely comments they were greatly appreciated really they were xx


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  1. I have had my money tree for years and it just keeps going with very little help from me. They are the perfect house plant.


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