1 March 2011

My 1st Birthday + 7 GIVEAWAYS!

So like I said
It's my wee blogs 1st Birthday can you believe it



To celebrate I made white chocolate muffins with wholemeal, so a little naughty & a little nice!!! Also for you my dear readers, to thank you all, I am having a wonderful giveaway that will have no less than 7 winners!!!

**I just wanted to add, that I read all your lovely comments, and will one day get better at answering them!!! But you may have to wait till my boys are at school!!!

This Giveaway will be open to all of you guys no matter where you live...
All that i ask is.....

**You must be a follower (or become one!!)

**You must tell me what prize(s) you would like to win
**I must be able to mail you too... How else will I be able to tell you you've won some goodies!!

**One comment per person

And if you want to be really helpful, (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!) You could tell me what you like about my wee blog OR tell me what you'd like to see more of!!!

The winners will be chosen from a hat by my boys as usual!!!

So without further adieu.......


The infamous Granny Mattie's knitting, this is a cardi/jacket with a scarf and hat to match, I'd say it's age 4-5, as Finn is 3.5 and it's still a long while till it would fit... It's Arron and will wash really well....

Here are 3 wooden embroidery hoops looking for a new home as I have doublers, I bought them in a clear out on eBay and have never used them....

This little bundle of fat quarter's will make a lovely wee summer project I'm sure....

I'm having a clear out of all my patterns also, this is a lovely vintage 2-piece size 50...

This dress pattern size 20, has such a lovely bust line, in the right fabric this would be a show stopper....

This dress pattern size 14, is right in time for summer and comes as in a maxi dress size too...

This girls dress size 8 is super cute I love the pleats.... Too cute!!!!!

Need help with the vintage sizing???
check out this link

This giveaway will be open till 10th of March
So good luck peeps :))))



  1. I love your granny's knitting. My wee man can still fit into the cardigan and sweater that your granny knit in the May Sew Mama Sew giveaway day that I won. :) He's barely fitting into them. *L* As a matter of fact, I'm going to put it into a lock box of things for him to give his own children. In it I'll have his baby blankets and other gifts that were made for him. :) So I think that that will be the gift that I'd like to win most of all. :)

  2. I love hearing about your boys and I love fabric. Congrats on the the year.

  3. Happy birthday my mad friend :)

    If I was lucky to be pulled out of the hat then I'd love the hoops :)

    I love reading about your boys - sort of reminds me of mine when they were tiny -just wish I'd be able to blog then.

  4. I'm a new follower :) I would love to win the embroidery hoops :)

  5. I follow already and you can tell I am hoopy lately! They are great or the fabric I love too :-) for my hoops here. I love that you keep it real on your blog (cleaning walls! hehe), you post links, you show us what you make - it's very versatile and interesting!

  6. Happy birthday!!! How fun! I would love to have the fabric. Those colors are perfect for me.

  7. happy birthday.
    embroidary hoops for me. i have my very own version of granny matti what knits for my kids, infact i recognise the wool! mum knits with that one too! great knitter think alike!

  8. Oh love those vintage patterns, so cool. Happy 1st birthday. x

  9. Congratulations on a year! You're well on your way!

  10. congratulations on your blogiversary.
    I am a new follower and found through through Sophie's flea market party. I wish I was number 100 but someone has to be follower 99. :)
    I like the fabric but could find a use for the hoops as well. I am more of a crafter than sewer.

  11. Happy Birthday for your blog! I would love the fabric if I am lucky enough to win!


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