5 March 2011

Rummaging again!!

Well hello there
How is everyone?
I have had a fairly relaxing day today, me and the boys were out for a walk, as it was nice again. How happy are we that the sun is eventually rearing it's happy face?!? I managed to actually remember quite a few things on my list today... Well done I hear you say eh!! It was quite a feat for me as I forgot the bloody list running out the door!!! So I now have a printer with ink, which is most helpful! And I can now burn all the boys movies..... Again so glad I save their movies on the computer, they always scratch the discs!!

Anyways enough of the jibber jabber!!!!!

I have always been a thrifter but with Flea market finds I feel like I can share the excitement sad I know but it's the little things.... Plus kids do that to you. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it! I have been still been shopping away but I have not been able to photograph much lately you know life and laundry and all that jazz!!!!

I found this dress just a couple of days ago..... I love it the style really suits me too. It's River Island but I got it for £3!

This is a Primark number that is begging to be altered. I am going to take the elastic waist out and make it a fitted LBD any suggestions?? Should it have buttons? A belt? Mr Phew thinks it looks like a nun's dress!!!

It is defo the lace that gets me for sure!!
That and the £1.50 price tag!

Now the 3 items in this photo were all in the same shop and cost just £6.
The skirt is just too cute really it is, the pattern is so simple too.
The Cardi has me written all over it I love stripes and gray seems to be a trend!!
The bag needs a better lining as it's basically plastic but I have some china silk in my stash...

It has summer time written all over it...
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