1 March 2011

My fave Oscar dresses.

So the 83rd Oscars have been and gone.... Did anyone watch it???
I watched the highlights and acceptance speeches...

I have to say I have not seen the movie "The Kings speech"
But what acceptance speech huh!!!
I have always been a fan of Mr firth, I mean Mr Darcy.... And what about Mark Darcy...

Colin has his own way with words!

"I'm afraid I have to warn you, I am experiencing stirrings, em somewhere in the upper abdominal, which are threatening to form themselves in to dance moves, which em as joyous as they may be for me, would be extremely problematic if they make it to my legs before I get of this stage!"

On to the dresses...

I have to say that Cate was thee lady for me in her, Givenchy Haute Couturers, it is divine I love it i think the Oscars deserve that little bit extra, and here is how to do it... It screams Hollywood glamor and she looks so effortless, which we all know is so not the case!!

And here is a real lady, I love the colour of this Vera Wang gown and the construction is just wow! Sandra looks so good, she shows everyone that rail stick thin is so not in.

I do love a lady growing old gracefully, and boy oh boy if I look like Helen at her age then I will be thanking my lucky stars I mean look at her, Vivienne Westwood the dress is just so spot on and I love her hair too it compliments her features.

Now this Valentino Haute Couture gown for me, is fantastic but it would have been so much nicer if Florence was not so bloody thin.... Is there any need to be this thin? You are in the limelight and young people look up to you... I think yes I love this gown but.... EAT some pies please!!!

And here is another fabulous gown but again with the not eating, I mean where are the even vague curves, I know your a woman but I can't see it.... It's a shame really as this Gucci dress is to die for..... I may seem harsh, but hey these are people who should be mindful that yes people are looking up to them and being SO skinny is not a go thing...

So..... What do you guys think of the super skinny's???


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  1. You have to see the kings speech it's the best film I've seen in ages.
    Helen dress is my favourite she is so elegant.


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