21 March 2011

A quick visit home- A sad post sorry.

I have a rather heavy post today.... Better out than in they say.
So please be aware before you read.
I have been off on a visit home to Scotland-Edinburgh.

I had called my much loved Granny Mattie on her house phone last week with no answer, which I found odd. So I tried her mobile to have my mother answer.... I knew something was wrong -1 my Mum should be at work, -2 why was she answering Granny Matties phone....

My granny Mattie has had open heart surgery before, so I was beyond worried. It had turned out my Granny Mattie had taken another heart attack, but to my relief not half as bad as before, she has had a stent which is a small balloon inserted in to her artery (beside her heart) as it had collapsed, she seems to be on the mend now. I love my granny, more than most things in the world and am full of relief.

So this is my picture of us just last Thursday Paddy's day to be precise.
My granny is my rock always has been and always will be.
I only hope that one day I can be the woman she has become, a inspiration, a person who is such a source consistency, a shoulder to cry on, who will be there and never judge, and also give you that stern word when required... I could go on and on but I have a tear in my eye!

If you have a candle or any wee blessing.... And feel the urge, it would be very much appreciated as she is a woman worth her weight in gold. And I want her to be in tip top form ASAP... As she put it "it's not my time dear I have too much to do"


Whilst over with my Granny I found out my Grandad has Prostate cancer, I have not looked into it as I am full of fear for them both, they are companions and have to think the very best thoughts. Cancer has played a big role in my life, after my dad passed at the age of 46 with terminal cancer I have found it very hard to come to terms with his loss he was my best friend, the thought of losing someone else, well to put it bluntly brings me to my knees with a heavy heart....

I apologize for the heavy post really I do, but this is a type of free therapy I suppose better out than in they say....

On a happier note
I made my granny a rad doll a long time ago....

And here she is right above her bed, it makes me proud
Warms me cockles you might say.



  1. Bless you, so sorry to hear your news. I'll say a little prayer for your lovely grandparents tonight. With love & light x

  2. Your post brought a tear to my eyes, so much love oozes from you. I know exactly how you are feeling x

  3. I am so sorry, my thoughts are with both you and them.

  4. Traci, sending love and positive thoughts your way.
    Wishing Granny and Grandad a speedy recovery and good health. x


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