14 November 2010

Blogtoberfest Jet-lag recovery!!!

Well hello way over there...

So yes I have been MIA for 2 weeks shame on me!
I seem to have been suffering from Blogtoberfest jet-lag!!!
To say I was exhausted is a understatement!!
But I think the mojo may just have been found, with the aid of the lovely Michelle from midge & judy.

I recently took part in The Great Stocking Swap 2010 over @ Selinas.
I had great fun with this as I got a friend for my partner :o) And the stocking I got back well you can judge for yourself!!

I can only say a massive thanx to Michelle, I mean the work that went in to this stocking.... I love it thanx so much....

Not only that but look at my wee boys faces when they opened their pressies..You hit the nail on the head, I mean look at them well chuffed!!! A woman after my own heart...To make me smile with a stocking then make my boys happy too... Gush Gush Gush....
I could not have asked for a better partner!!

I am hoping that my mojo hang around and the kids give me a little time....!



  1. thank you for that lovely post traci. i am so glad that you and those sweet boys liked your gifts. it is lovely to see the stocking and paper wreath that i made in my home all the way over in your home.i am well chuffed too

  2. What a gorgeous stocking. The bird is so beautiful!


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