8 January 2013

Back to normailty you say.....

OK, after all the festivities.... I'm back, with a new camera and a thirst to learn all manners of sewing goodness. Can't wait to start sharing!
How was everyones Christmas & New Year? I have to say I ended 2012 and began 2013 in the happiest way I could with my family. I really had the very best Christmas... Being all together makes me feel complete.
Anyways, I have been doing a little New Year "gutting out"... Sorting through our DVD collection, Bob the builder is no longer a fave here.... I'm thinking Thomas The Tank Engine is now out of favour too. If they can't climb up walls, fly or turn green then the boys are all "Na mummy that's for babies". I'm hoping they feel the same about the toys upstairs and in the toy chest!!
I've done all the gutting I can bear today... Being a hoarder is hectic! It's so difficult to let go of all my trash treasures!!
As part of my #a month of  ~ sleepy
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