16 January 2013

Early morning order....

Good Morning peeps

I have sewing class today, it's a place I was looking to do some me sewing BUT... The nursery has asked me to do a little more sewing, I don't mind MUCH..... It's story sacks, basically a drawstring bag in red with white thread (all very Christmasy) and the size of a pillow sips sized. I have made one already, and are looking for 8 more. It's time consuming, yes.... But I have to say there is the feel good factor. At the minute it has to be said my good deed factor, and my I WANT TO MAKE CLOTHES FOR ME factor are fighting with one another. So today I shall get as much of them done as I can in 2 hours... My sewing for me shall be prep-ed, I think little and often is my way to go for now!

I have been searching for a early photo for a few days, and this seemed to sum up my early mornings..

All our bags in a row.... 
Early order!!!
(I love my new bag, Santa Clause was good to me this year)  

#amonthof ~ Early

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