22 January 2013

Measuring..... Using COLETTE, Threads and a newly found blog!

Hello there peeps..

Yes I keep Falling off the edge of the earth!! I seem to be DROWNING in the house at the min.. I think this is what happens when you decide to clear out the whole house... With hindsight I should have done 1 room at a time!!! Oh well we live and learn (We hope)

So whilst DROWNING I have had little No time for sewing loveliness! Which is a bit of a bugger if  you ask me BUT it means when I do get down to sewing I shall have no guilt.. And a much smaller to do list!!

I have a little sewing related task today though.... I am helping a lady Dee she is sending away for her wedding dress (you know, form china or somewhere via the internet) I totally don't agree with this BUT hey not my dress so who am I to complain!! I will be measuring said dress.. I will be using the ever helpful The COLETTE sewing handbook. Her Section on measuring is fantastic very in-depth, I only wish there was a chart (very lazy I know).

I am looking forward to getting a little sewing related stuff. Oh how I miss my machine BUT I will be wielding my measuring tape with glee.... I'm happy I'm helping Dee look PRETTY for her big day.... And as much as I want to get to sewing, I'm glad I'm not making the dress, That would be way to hectic!

I managed to find one great chart here, And The Sewing Directory found this, Did you know that The Sewing Directory has NEVER left a question unanswered for me.... And I would say countless others. If you don't know Fiona and her team I suggest you head on over they are FAB!!!

Anyways I'm off to meet Dee now!!


#amonthof ~ Pretty


  1. Ser kjempebra .... Jeg trenger å komme meg et forhåndsbetalt kredittkort og få hendene mine på dette.


  2. Yeah I do love this book it's fab.... So informative. Not just the how but the why too!


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