29 January 2013

Yummy yummy crochet..

Hello there peeps

How is everyone? 
I have been mulling over my hoard stash, and to be honest for me.... It's too much so I have decided to take a new approach. I am going to stay that I am stash busting and ACTUALLY stash bust. 

I have a sewing room that I can't open the door to. It to my same has become the room I throw things that don't have a place yet.. BAD Traci BAD.. I did have a very nearly lovely sewing room. But alas the rest of the house took over due to my lake of order/routine.

This will end now!
I have now taken a before picture as I might just be to MORTIFIED at how bad I have let it get, but I do have a pic of a little stash busting I've started....

What do you think of the colour combination? Delicious I say, I am bias as my fave colour is purple. It dose look good enough to eat! This is a cowl, I have a crocheted circle done but I am searching the perfect button.

This is the next cowl, I like the colour comb here very natural.. I think I have my crochet bug back again! I can't wait to put the boys up to bed and get the wool out!!

Have you been crocheting recently???

Do tell....


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