8 January 2013

How cool is this..... Forr the boys!!

Hello again peep's, I'm on a blogging roll ( I know you've heard me say that before sorry!!) But whilst the fingers are ready I may blog away (I just wish blogger would let me post photos!!!)
Whilst away, me and the boys were walking through the town centre near the Arndale centre,
We passed a guy doing a little showmanship... It turns out he is a Guinness world record holder, he holds the record for keepie uppies and much more....

The boys were so excited, Dan Magnss even took time at the end of his show to kick the ball for the boys. My boys were so very happy. I had to laugh at one point Dan through the ball as if for a dog and then hid the ball up the back of his t-shirt poor Frazer was searching for it for ages.. I had to let him in on the joke though the poor wee boy was searching and searching. he had a good giggle when he found it up his T-shirt though!
I shall get the photos up later on when blogger is talking to me again!

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